[PDF] GET premium Mathematics Revision Notes Chapterwise for JEE Main

 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapterwise

5 Math’s Revision Tips That Really Work

1. Go through your particular and feature every subject as indicated by trouble

Everybody will have various pieces of Math’s they find simpler/harder so I would suggest going through your particular and picking three distinct tones to feature the themes. Shading code them, simple/medium/hard, so you can see which ones you track down the most troublesome. 

You can utilize this to assist with arranging correction: invest more energy on the subjects you have recognized you track down the hardest and afterward less on the ones you find simpler. This implies you’re not squandering heaps of energy on the spaces you find simple – however ensure you do in any case change them, so you remember those points! 

Start with something you battle with, so you’ll rapidly see yourself making improvement. 

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2. Pack together past paper inquiries on a particular subject 

Most of my Math’s update was simply doing past paper/course book questions and I discovered gathering the inquiries into the various themes, for instance, reconciliation or vectors, and afterward doing squares of these inquiries truly worked. 

Investigate your notes on a particular subject and afterward work through a lot of inquiries on it. You’ll rapidly see likenesses among questions and normal things that surface, and this truly assists with guaranteeing you know a subject. 

3. Make cheat sheets/banners with key formulae/conditions 

There are a ton of formulae and conditions in Math’s you need to learn. To assist with learning them all, I made cheat sheets with the vital ones on for every unit. For instance, with every one of the various varieties of wrongdoing/cos/tan diagrams on them. 

Then, at that point, I’d quite recently go through these cards routinely when I had a second to ensure I knew every one of the formulae/conditions. You could likewise think of all on banners and put them around your home so when you go into specific rooms or do explicit errands you can amend them. 

Utilize your banners/cheat sheets the night prior to a test to ensure that content is at the front of your brain. 

4. Do past papers under coordinated conditions 

You will likely have done bunches of inquiries/past papers as a component of your Math’s update, however it tends to be not difficult to do them without acknowledging what amount of time it’s required for you. 

Have a go at timing yourself when you do past papers to perceive what amount of time it requires for you and afterward you can check whether you’re taking longer/more limited than the time you will have. Attempt to complete papers with still an ideal opportunity to check as you’ll need to have the option to do this in the genuine test. 

5. Work through inquiries with companions 

Perhaps the most ideal way of knowing whether you’ve perceived something in Math’s is to then attempt to disclose it to another person. Working through inquiries with companions can assist you with all checking whether you get everything and individuals have various strategies which you can talk about. 

You may well discover the way another person accomplishes something is much speedier or simpler than the technique you’ve been utilizing. Additionally, in the event that you run over especially troublesome inquiries, working all together you’re bound to find to the solution.


Numbers and the Four Operations 
Ratio, Rate, and Proportion 
Algebraic Representation and Formulae 
Algebraic Manipulation 
Functions and Graphs 
Solutions of Equations and Inequalities 
Applications of Mathematics in Practical Situations 
Set Language and Notation 
Angles, Triangles and Polygons 
Congruence and Similarity 
Properties of Circles 
Pythagoras’ Theorem and Trigonometry 
Coordinate Geometry 
Vectors in Two Dimensions 
Data Handling 
Data Analysis 
Mathematical Formulae 

GET premium Mathematics Revision Notes Chapterwise for JEE Main

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