Apni Kaksha Notes PDF Physics Class 12

Apni Kaksha Notes PDF

Apni Kaksha Notes PDF Physics Class 12 PDF are class 12 Physics notes which you can download totally for nothing from our site. These Apni kaksha notes pdf dependent on NCERT prospectus and has been made by the clinchers of the science stream. Apni Kaksha is a stage that gives great quality training to understudies free of charge so they can accomplish something great in their future.

Apni Kaksha Notes PDF Physics Class 12

About Aman Dhattarwal 

These Apni Kaksha Notes PDF Physics Class 12 are ready by Aman Dhattarwal. He is an Indian YouTuber, Public Speaker, Influencer, calling consultant, and teacher. He is similarly the coordinator of “Apni Kaksha” Btech in IT from NSIT. Aman is eminent for his informational and for his persuasive recordings, which he shares on his YouTube channel.

Apni Kaksha Notes PDF Links

Sr. No. Name Link
1 Electric Charges and Field Click Here
2 Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance Click Here
3 Current Electricity Click Here
4 Moving Charges and Magnetism Click Here
5 Electromagnetic Induction Click Here
6 Magnetism and Matter Click Here
7 Alternating Current Click Here
8 Electro Magnetic Waves Click Here
9 Ray Optics and Optical Instruments Click Here
10 Dual Nature of Radiation and Matters Click Here
11 Atoms Click Here
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