Shobhit Nirwan Class 10 Math Formula Sheet PDF Download

So, Here is the formula sheet for Maths class 10 which is provided by Shobhit Nirwan on his Youtube channel. This Formula sheet contains Chapter-wise formulas for class 10. In the end, there is a link by clicking on the link you can access the Formula sheet.

Following are the chapters that are covered in the Formula Sheet

  • Chapter1: Real numbers
  • Chapter2: Polynomials
  • Chapter3: Linear Equation in Two variables
  • Chapter4: Quadratic Equations
  • Chapter5: Arithmetic Progression
  • Chapter6: Triangles
  • Chapter7: Coordinate Geometry
  • Chapter 8: Introduction to Trigonometry
  • Chapter 9: Some Applications of Trigonometry
  • Chapter10 : Constructions
  • Chapter 11: Circles
  • Chapter 12: Area Related to Circles
  • Chapter 13: Surface area and Volume
  • Chapter 14: Statistics
  • Chapter 15: Probability

Download – Class 10th Maths Formula Sheet by Shobhit Nirwan

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