About Bansal: 
Bansal is the First IIT JEE Coaching Institute in Rajasthan Kota established by Vinod Kumar Bansal. He Graduated in Banaras Hindu University which is presently called as IIT BHU, After his Graduation he moved to Rajasthan kota in mean to begin a Coaching Classes for IIT JEE Aspirants, a significant number of his understudies cleared IIT JEE. thusly he established Bansal Institute which is the first institute in Kota for IIT JEE Coaching. Following not many years, many foundations have been advanced in kota which is currently the large contenders for Bansal Institute. Still Bansal making an honest effort to create Good Ranks and Results in IIT JEE. In this Tough Competition, Bansal Priorly Concentrated to Provide Best Study Modules for its understudies making it to be so useful for IIT JEE Aspirants to Clear JEE. 

About Bansal IIT JEE Modules: 
Every Chapter Includes Theory and Exercises, Theory Part Consists Topic Wise Concepts, which are unmistakably clarified. Toward the finish of every Chapter you can discover Exercises to address. Exercise are very much orchestrated from Basic level to Difficult level.

Bansal Classes math’s module is one of the most outstanding clarified modules of IIT JEE. Albeit many establishment modules are acceptable, Bansal modules are at least any of them. You will discover each idea of IIT JEE is clarified exhaustively with a representation. There are inquiries on each subject, with the goal that understudies can get a handle on ideas and figure out how to apply them to various issues. The issues in the representation are very acceptable, you can comprehend the part all alone by this module. Then, at that point, there are tackled models on every part, which is of incredible level means from fundamental to cutting edge everything is pressed in a solitary module.

Get bansal maths module

Sr. No. Name Link
1 Logarithm [BANSAL] Click Here
2 Trig Phase 1 (Compound Angles) [BANSAL] Click Here
3 Progression_Series [BANSAL] Click Here
4 Quadratic Equation [BANSAL] Click Here
5 Trig Phase 2 (Trig Equations) [BANSAL] Click Here
6 Solutions of Triangle [BANSAL] Click Here
7 Binomial Theorem [BANSAL] Click Here
8 P_C [BANSAL] Click Here
9 Straight Line [BANSAL] Click Here
10 Inverse Trig Functions [BANSAL] Click Here
11 Relation and Function [BANSAL] Click Here
12 Determinant_Matrices [BANSAL] Click Here
13 Limit, Continuity and Differentiability [BANSAL] Click Here
14 Methods of Differentiation [BANSAL] Click Here
15 Indefinite Integration [BANSAL] Click Here
16 Definite Integration [BANSAL] Click Here
17 Application of Derivative [BANSAL] Click Here
18 Area under curves [BANSAL] Click Here
19 Differential Equation [BANSAL] Click Here
20 Vector_3D [BANSAL] Click Here
21 Probability [BANSAL] Click Here
22 Conic Sections [BANSAL] Click Here
23 Complex Number [BANSAL] Click Here
24 Relation, Mathematical Induction, Height _ Distance, Statistics, Mathematical Reasoning [BANSAL] Click Here

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