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ALLEN Career Institute is a pioneer institute in the field of coaching for Competitive Exams. Founded on April 18, 1988 and named in the loving memory of Late Shri Laxmi Narayan Maheshwari, father of four brothers Shri Govind, Shri Rajesh, Shri Naveen & Shri Brajesh Maheshwari, ALLEN has today become a synonym of SUCCESS.

Download ALLEN Handbooks for JEE Mains PDF Format

ALLEN Handbooks Allen Institute Complete Syllabus New For JEE MAIN AND ADVANCED Study Allen Material.

Overview of ALLEN Handbooks for JEE

Allen Handbooks PDF 2022 is one of the best book for quick review. It is very good book to study a a day before your exam. It can also cover your viva questions and will help you to score very high. Allen Handbook for JEE and NEET is a revision module provided by Allen Career Institute to revise the whole syllabus of NEET in a quick time. It is well designed and listed all the important concepts and formulas required for NEET. So It is the best book to grasp all the concepts easily before the Exam. So download all the Allen Handbook and Read thoroughly to boost up your score.

Reviews of ALLEN Handbooks for JEE

Best for cracking JEE Mains in first attempt,best for revision, Good quality of books and content is also upto the mark

This ALLEN Modules are very helpful in the journey of getting into IIT’s

Download ALLEN Hanbooks PDF

ALLEN Physics Handbook PDFBuy HereDownload Now
ALLEN Chemistry Handbook PDFBuy HereDownload Now
ALLEN Maths Handbook PDFBuy HereDownload Now

FAQ’s about ALLEN Handbooks for JEE

Is Allen handbooks enough for JEE Revision ?

NCERT books along with Modules of ALLEN Career Institute will sufficiently cover the JEE Syllabus. The yearlong preparation will not be useful until and unless you revise and practice on a daily basis.

How can I get the PDF of ALLEN Notes?

Visit clearjeeneet.in ,you will get every notes there.

Which are best modules for JEE?

For JEE Main, NCERT textbooks of PCM are an absolute must. Along with them, you can refer to HC Verma for Physics and Cengage for Math. Having coaching modules is an added advantage

Is Allen study material hard?

Yes it is worth to buy Allen study material but one thing you should remember that you need to study hard and practice regularly. Then only you will have the chance to score around 280 . Otherwise many students purchase it and they study very lightly and they just hope to get good marks but this will not happen

What is the fees of Allen for JEE?

Total payble amount is  50800 approximately

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