Is Physics Wallah Paid Courses worth your money?

Physics Wallah is a popular online education platform in India that provides free and paid courses in science and mathematics, particularly for students preparing for engineering and medical entrance exams. The platform was founded by Alakh Pandey, who is a well-known Physics teacher and YouTuber with a large following.

Physics Wallah offers both free and paid courses. The free courses are available on their YouTube channel and cover a range of topics in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. These videos are widely appreciated by students and have helped many of them to improve their understanding of the subject.

The paid courses on Physics Wallah are more comprehensive and cover a wider range of topics than the free courses. They are designed to provide in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject and are targeted at students who are serious about their studies and want to excel in competitive exams.

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It gives all the things that are given by offline coaching at a very affordable price.

  • They will give you DPP regularly with video solutions,
  • They will take your tests very frequently so that you can access yourself,
  • They will provide you with regular motivation and kick to study, it consists of very very talented and highly experienced teachers in the field of IIT JEE coming from very named and famed institutes of Kota and other cities you can blindly trust that,
  • The planned schedule of the course is the most significant thing.

Physics Wallah Batch Wise Study Material

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However, the quality of the paid courses can vary depending on the specific course and the teacher. It’s important to carefully evaluate the course content, teacher’s experience, and student reviews before investing in a paid course. It’s also important to ensure that the course is relevant to your exam preparation needs.

In conclusion, Physics Wallah is a popular and trusted online education platform in India that provides free and paid courses in science and mathematics. While the quality of their paid courses can vary, it’s important to evaluate the course content, teacher’s experience, and student reviews before investing in a course.

Is Physics Wallah overrated?

He is a nice business strategist. He is going right and people who are looking for any start-up should learn from him. He was just a below-average physics teacher on youtube and used to follow cheaply NV Sir’s style of teaching but now he has a billion dollars company because he knows how to gadder customers and what should be the tagline for his business. He used his acting skill in teaching (shamelessly). These acts of his may irritate some qualified but his teaching style has been loved by students(13–16 years old boys & girls). He started his venture for these students; not for adults. In the end, he is a businessman so he did whatever he could to raise his business.
Those who hate him are unaware of business. A businessman is one who knows how he will reach customers and attract customers. Alakh Pandey has executed a successful model and is a paragon in the education industry because despite not having even a penny he has successfully grown a company that is a unicorn now. Everyone knows that not even a single student will get success in NEET/JEE MAIN/ADVANCED who will completely rely on physics wallah classes and material but that is not his aim. His aim is to grow his business and that can be done by satisfying the students (13 -16 years old) in class. And he is doing the same.

How to download PW Study Material PDF?

You can download the Study Material and Books from

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