Class 12 Maths MCQs for JEE 2023 | Maths Multiple Choice Questions for JEE

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Joint Entrance Examination – Main, formerly All India Engineering Entrance Examination, is an Indian standardized computer-based test for admission to various technical undergraduate programs in engineering, architecture, and planning across colleges in India. With the competition rising every year, the level of difficulty has also gone up. Hence, the candidates today are left with not much choice but to work hard and give it all. It is the right approach that can help take the candidates clear the exam. All they need is to solve an ample number of Class 12 Mathematics MCQ questions.

MCQs for JEE Mains Maths

According to the Latest JEE syllabus, the academic experts at ClearJEENEET have come up with an assortment of Maths chapters based on the difficulty levels and weightage. 

The concepts given below are some frequently asked topics in the JEE exam from the maths section. Get access to each topic and its MCQs with just a click. We have provided MCQs in a topic wise manner easily accessible by students for their convenience. The solutions are provided by our subject experts. We hope that our attempt of making Mathematics JEE MCQs solutions available may prove to be helpful for the students

 The Class 12 MCQs are prepared as per the latest exam pattern of JEE (2022-2023). By practising these objective type questions, students can get an idea of how to solve such problems and score good marks in the exams.

Checkout: JEE Mains Syllabus 2023

How to Use JEE Question Bank Maths for Preparation?

Mathematics forms an important part of JEE (Main) and JEE (Advanced) preparation. The fundamentals and formulae of Maths such as derivatives and integrals are utilised in other subjects such as Physics as well. Hence, ample time must be given to it. Some tips to prepare for this section using JEE Question Bank Maths are provided below.

  • The students must avoid using calculators for doing calculations, as no calculator is provided in the JEE examination. In the Mathematics section, almost all the questions require one to perform calculations. Doing them on own and not using a calculator minimizes the time spent in the actual exam.
  • Solve JEE Question Bank Maths for all the chapters listed here. One can analyse his/her strengths and weaknesses in this way. Spend time on the chapters whose questions were difficult to solve.
  • Devise a paper solving strategy using the analysis of JEE Question Bank Maths. After solving enough questions, candidates have a fair idea of which questions from which topic demand more time, which are easier compared to the rest etc. Utilise this information and prepare a strategy for the actual exam.
  • Mathematics is a subject that does not require mugging (except the formulae). Hence, memorize all the formulae and the rest is up to the understanding of fundamentals. Revise the formulae one faces difficulty in remembering while solving the JEE Question Bank Maths.

FAQ’s about Class 12 Mathematics MCQ for JEE

Where can I download PDF MCQs for Maths?

You can download free MCQs for JEE Mains Mathematics MCQs for maths from

How can I score good marks in JEE Mains Maths?

Read Books / Attend Class regularly.
Make notes / short notes properly.
Revise and Practice Questions.
Build your Concepts and Confidence.
Mark Important Questions.

Is JEE Mains math easy?

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main 2023 mathematics exam held on the third day of the engineering entrance was the most difficult amongst all the sections, says students. While chemistry paper was of moderate level with “some tricky questions” and physics was the easiest of all three.

Is IIT math hard?

Yes it is difficult compared to the other subjects.

When should I start preparing for JEE Mains 2023?

Students usually start their IIT-JEE preparation soon after the class 10 board examination. This helps them a lot in their JEE Mains preparation

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