Class 12 Biology MCQs Human Health And Disease for NEET

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Human Health And Disease Class 12 MCQs Questions with Answers

‘Smack’ is a drug obtained from the
(a) latex of Papever somniferum
(b) leaves of Cannabis saliva
(c) flowers of Datura
(d) fruits of Erythroxyl coca

Answer: (a) latex of Papever somniferum

Antibodies present in colostrum which protect the new born from certain diseases is of
(a) IgG type
(b) IgA type
(c) IgD type
(d) IgE type

Answer: (b) IgA type

Antivenom against snake poison contains
(a) antigens
(b) antigen-antibody complexes
(c) antibodies
(d) enzymes

Answer: (c) antibodies

Which of the following glands is large sized at birth but reduces in size with ageing ?
(a) Pineal
(b) Pituitary
(c) Thymus
(d) Thyroid

Answer: (c) Thymus

One of the following is not the causal organism for ringworm
(a) Microsporum
(b) Trichophyton
(c) Epidermophyton
(d) Macrosporum

Answer: (d) Macrosporum

Opium is
(a) Hemp
(b) Charas
(c) Heroin
(d) Nicotin

Answer: (c) Heroin

AIDS occur by which cause?
(a) Reduction of T-Helper cells
(b) Reduction of Killer T-cells
(c) Auto immune
(d) Less production of interferon

Answer: (a) Reduction of T-Helper cells

Caffein, Amphetamine and coceins are
(a) Pain Killer
(b) Tranquillizer
(c) Hallucination
(d) Stimulant

Answer: (d) Stimulant

World AIDS day is
(a) 1 May
(b) 20 December
(c) 1 June
(d) 1 December

Answer: (d) 1 December

Opiates are obtained from
(a) Thea sinesis
(b) Coffea Arabica
(c) Oryzasativa
(d) Papaver Seminiferum

Answer: (d) Papaver Seminiferum

Antigen binding site in an antibody is found between
(a) two light chain
(b) two heavy chains
(c) one heavy chain and one light chain
(d) either between two light chains or between one heavy and one light chain depending upon the nature of antigen

Answer: (c) one heavy chain and one light chain

HIV mainly infects
(a) Cytotoxic T-lymphocytes
(b) Helper lymphocytes
(c) Cell-mediated T-lymphocytes
(d) Killer lymphocytes

Answer: (b) Helper lymphocytes

The major phagocytic cells are
(a) Lymphocytes
(b) Mast cells
(c) Macrophages
(d) Plasma cells

Answer: (c) Macrophages

A young drug addict used to show symptoms of depressed brain activity, feeling of calmness, relaxation and drowsiness. Possibly he was taking
(a) Amphetamine
(b) Marijuana
(c) Pethidine
(d) Valium

Answer: (d) Valium

An insect bite may result in inflammation of that spot. This is triggered by the alarm chemical such as
(a) histamine and dopamine
(b) histamine and kinins
(c) interferons and opsonin
(d) interferons and histones

Answer: (b) histamine and kinins

Cancer cells are more easily damaged by radiations than normal cells because they are
(a) undergoing rapid division
(b) different in structure
(c) non-dividing
(d) starved of mutation

Answer: (a) undergoing rapid division

Following is Hallucinator
(a) LSD
(b) Heroin
(c) Cocein
(d) Morphin

Answer: (a) LSD

Which organ of body is most affected by excessive intake of alcohol?
(a) Lungs
(b) Liver
(c) Stomach
(d) Spleen

Answer: (b) Liver

Gonorrhoea is caused by
(a) By Treponema pallidium
(b) By Entamoeba gingivalis
(c) By Mycobacterium taprae
(d) By Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Answer: (d) By Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Widal test is done to confirm
(a) Malari
(b) Typhoid
(c) AIDS
(d) Cancer

Answer: (b) Typhoid

Kala-azar is transmitted by
(a) By Sand fly
(b) By Tsetse fly
(c) By House fly
(d) By Mosquitoes

Answer: (a) By Sand fly

Diacetyl morphine is commonly known as
(a) cocaine
(b) hashish
(c) ganja
(d) heroin

Answer: (d) heroin

The letter T in T-lymphocytes refers to
(a) tonsil
(b) thalamus
(c) thymus
(d) thyroid

Answer: (c) thymus

Transplantation of tissues/organs to save certain patients often fails due to rejection of such tissues/organs by the patient. Which type of immune response is responsible for such rejections?
(a) auto-immune response
(b) humoral immune response
(c) physiological immune response
(d) cell-mediated immune response

Answer: (d) cell-mediated immune response

A person with sickle cell anaemia is
(a) more prone to malaria
(b) more prone to typhoid
(c) less prone to malaria
(d) less prone to typhoid

Answer: (c) less prone to malaria

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