Class 11 Chemistry MCQs Environmental Chemistry for JEE/NEET

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Environmental Chemistry Class 11 MCQs Questions with Answers

Photochemical smog is formed in
(a) Summer during morning time
(b) Summer during day time
(c) Winter during morning time
(d) Winter during day time

Answer: (b) Summer during day time

Which is most harmful for life on globe?
(a) Deforestation
(b) Soil Erosion
(c) Increasing Desert
(d) Nuclear Fallout

Answer: (d) Nuclear Fallout

The most abundant hydrocarbon pollutant is
(a) Methane
(b) Ethane
(c) Propane
(d) Butane

Answer: (a) Methane

Fluorosis, the bone disease, is caused by the presence of
(a) Pesticides in water
(b) Fluorides in water
(c) Carbon monoxide in air
(d) Sulphur dioxide in air.

Answer: (b) Fluorides in water

Green chemistry means such reasons which
(a) produce colour during reactions
(b) reduce the use and production of hazardous chemicals
(c) are related to the depletion of ozone layer
(d) study the reactions in plants

Answer: (b) reduce the use and production of hazardous chemicals

The agricultural field that produces maximum methane gas into atmosphere is
(a) Wheat field
(b) Paddy field
(c) Cotton field
(d) Groundnut field

Answer: (c) Cotton field

Which of the following is responsible for depletion of ozone layer in the upper strata of the atmosphere?
(a) Polyhalogens
(b) Ferrocene
(c) Fullerencs
(d) Freons

Answer: (d) Freons

Excess nitrate in drinking water can cause
(a) methemoglobinemia
(b) kidney damage
(c) liver damage
(d) laxative effect

Answer: (a) methemoglobinemia

Which of the following is true about photochemical smog?
(a) It is reducing in nature
(b) It is formed during winter
(c) It is a mixture of smoke and fog
(d) It causes irritation in eyes

Answer: (d) It causes irritation in eyes

Water sample is reported to be highly polluted if BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) value of sample becomes
(a) more than 17 ppm
(b) equal to 10 ppm
(c) equal to 5 ppm
(d) less than 5 ppm

Answer: (a) more than 17 ppm

The pollutants released by jet aeroplanes in the atmosphere as fluorocarbons are called
(a) Photochemical oxidants
(b) Photochemical reductants
(c) Aerosols
(d) Physical pollutants

Answer: (c) Aerosols

The major source of BOD in the river Ganga is
(a) Leaf litter
(b) Fishes
(c) Human waste
(d) Aquatic plants

Answer: (c) Human waste

Acid rain is due to
(a) Formation of oxide of sulphur
(b) Formation of oxide of nitrogen
(c) Formation of H2SO4 and HNO3
(d) All of these

Answer: (d) All of these

The gas released in Bhopal gas tragedy was
(a) Ammonia
(b) Methyl cyanide
(c) Nitrous oxide
(d) Methyl isocyanate

Answer: (d) Methyl isocyanate

Which is not a source of pollution?
(a) Forest fire
(b) Coal fire
(c) Volcanoes
(d) Dust storm

Answer: (d) Dust storm

Which of the following acts as a sink for CO?
(a) Plants
(b) Haemoglobin
(c) Microorganisms present in the soil
(d) Oceans

Answer: (c) Microorganisms present in the soil

One of the following is the chief source of water and soil pollution
(a) Agro industry
(b) Mining
(c) Thermal power stations
(d) All of these

Answer: (c) Thermal power stations

The false statement among the following is
(a) The average residence time of NO is one month
(b) Limestone acts as a sink for SOx
(c) SOx can be removed from flue gases by passing through a solution of citrate ions
(d) Ammonia acts as a sink for NOx

Answer: (d) Ammonia acts as a sink for NOx

A disease caused by eating fish contaminated by industrial waste, containing mercury compounds, is called as
(a) Minamata disease
(b) Brights disease
(c) Hashimotos disease
(d) Osteosclerosis

Answer: (a) Minamata disease

Why is thermal pollution causing the release of hot water by power plants dangerous?
(a) They increase the solubility of oxygen
(b) They decrease the solubility of oxygen
(c) They dont dissolve oxygen
(d) They dissolve nitrogen

Answer: (b) They decrease the solubility of oxygen

The region closest to earth’s surface is
(a) Stratosphere
(b) Mesosphere
(c) Troposphere
(d) Thermosphere

Answer: (c) Troposphere

The compound essential for the process of photosynthesis has this element
(a) Ca
(b) Ba
(c) Fe
(d) Mg

Answer: (d) Mg

Synthesis of ethanal commercially from which of the following reagent is the part of green chemistry?
(a) CH3CH2OH
(b) CH2 = CH2
(c) HC ≡ CH
(d) All of these

Answer: (b) CH2 = CH2

Why certain parts of water bodies contain more number of algae?
(a) Due to favorable environment
(b) Due to run-off excess fertilizers
(c) Due to lack of fertilizers
(d) Due to water pollution

Answer: (b) Due to run-off excess fertilizers

The size of the particulates of H2SO4 fog lies in the range
(a) 5-100 nm
(b) 100-500 nm
(c) 500-1000 nm
(d) 1000-10000 nm

Answer: (c) 500-1000 nm

Who did not win Noble prize in chemistry in 2005 for green chemistry among the following
(a) Y Chauvin
(b) R.H. Grubbs
(c) R.R. Schrock
(d) Polyani

Answer: (d) Polyani

Which of the following is produced by a reaction of ultraviolet light?
(a) CO2
(b) SO2
(c) O3
(d) NO3

Answer: (c) O3

Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) is a measure of
(a) Organic pollutant in water
(b) Organic SPN in water
(c) Inorganic pollutants in water
(d) Particulate matter in water

Answer: (a) Organic pollutant in water

Freons are not recommended to be used in refrigerator because they causes
(a) acid rain
(b) depletion of ozone layer
(c) global warming
(d) BOD

Answer: (b) depletion of ozone layer

The substance which is a primary pollutant is
(a) H2SO4
(b) CO
(c) PAN
(d) Aldehydes

Answer: (b) CO

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