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You can easily download NCERT At Your Fingertips Chemistry book on our site. We have given below all information about the PDF file and also a downloadable link which you can easily open on your mobile or computer device.

MTG NCERT At Your Fingertips Chemistry PDF(Revised Edition)

Download MTG Fingertips Chemistry PDF. This book is mainly designed and written for most of the questions that fall in many entrance exams. Many students prefer these books as a side book for their preparation of Boards also. This book is totally helpful for your NCERT Preparation in Chemistry with mind-maps, important points, topics, etc. This book consists of both Class 11th and 12th Chemistry Chapters and Topics which is published by MTG Publications.

MTG Objective NCERT at your FINGERTIPS – Chemistry, Best Books for NEET & JEE Preparation (Based on NCERT Pattern – Latest & Revised Edition 2022)
Author: MTG Editorial Board
Language: English
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Key Feature of the MTG Fingertips Chemistry PDF

  • No doubt about MTG publications
  • This e-book is exceptionally greatest
  • And after finishing ncert each medical aspirant should clear up this e-book
  • It accommodates 100 MCQs per chapter and 10 HOTS, AND 10 assertion and reasoning questions which can make them prepared for entrances resembling neet ,jipmer, aiims,afmc,and many others.
  • The sums are literally fairly superb and type of fascinating too. While seeing on the problem degree of questions, solely increased order pondering abilities issues want brainstorming. However, as a complete, it’s good.
  • NCERT notes with additional, extra information.
  • Theory is supplemented with HD pages for better understanding of concepts.
  • Questions are strictly based on NCERT syllabus, figures & line diagrams.
  • Chapter and section wise exercise.

Chapter of Class 11th NCERT Fingertips Chemistry

S.NoChapter Name
1Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
2Structure of Atom
3Classification of Elements and Periodic Properties
4Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
5States of Matter
6Thermodynamics and Equilibrium
7Redox Reaction
9The S-Block Elements
10The P-Block Elements
11Some Basic Principle and Techniques
13Environment Chemistry
Practice Paper -1
Practice Paper -2
Practice Paper -3

Class 12th Chapters Covered in NCERT Fingertips PDF

S.NoChapter Name
1Solid State
4Chemical Kinetics
5Surface Chemistry
7General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements
8The P-Block Elements
9The D-and F-block Elements
10Coordination Compounds
11haloalkanes and Haloarenes
12Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers
13Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers
14Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
16Biomolecules Polymers
17Chemistry in Everyday Life
Practice Paper -1
Practice Paper -2
Practice Paper -3

About the MTG Chemistry NCERT at your Fingertips PDF

Book :NCERT at your Fingertips Chemistry
Size:197 MB

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I download NCERT at my fingertips?

You can Download This Book from our site. We have given a quality PDF of the NCERT Fingertips Book. We are not the owner of this e-Book, this is not scanned by me. This PDF Take from the Internet.

Can MTG Chemistry Fingertips Help me to score 150 in NEET?

Mtg fingertips is a good option for the preparation of chemistry for neet as questions in neet are mainly based on the concepts of NCERT and mtg fingertips helps you to master NCERT, and it has:-

*It has chapters and short notes of all the important concepts which are great  for quick and easy revision
*Topic-wise questions
*NCERT exemplar problems
*Around 100 MCQ in every chapter
*Large variety of questions etc

But yes don’t ignore NCERT,  read NCERT as well as many times no matter how many books have you gone through there’s something new which you find in ncert.  Also, go through the previous year’s question papers for the Neet examination and once you are done with your complete syllabus go through neet mock test papers. If you follow these things then yes you can get 150 marks or more depending upon how well you have gone through the book and practiced the concepts 🙂

How many marks I can score from mtg fingertips chemistry in neet?

Chemistry carries 180 marks in NEET. If you aspire to get a score of say, above 100, for that you need to get your basics and concepts clear and nothing can help you with that except NCERTs and books like ABC chemistry, Dinesh, or Concise. You don’t need many books for that and now when your concepts are well versed, you can go for MTG fingertips or any MCQ sets/ model question papers.

MTG Chemistry is sufficient for NEET 2022?

Firstly I recommend you to go through the NCERT textbook very thoroughly as NCERT is the foundation for any advanced level of the book you wish to refer to. Then you can refer MTG book. One thing you must remember is, instead of referring to many books for competitive exams, choose just one or two and complete them as much as you can. This allows you to cover all kinds of questions. MTG for chemistry is good enough but is not too advanced. So after you get hold of kinds of questions in MTG and you feel confident about solving different kinds of questions in the MTG book, I recommend you to move to a slightly higher level of difficulty. Some of the most famous books are ABC of Chemistry by Modern, Physical Chemistry by OP Tandon, Organic Chemistry by OP Tandon, and Concise Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee.

Are NCERT fingertips good for chemistry?

Yes, It is. It contains a lot of questions. But for theory, you have to go for other books because it has just theory revised the chapter not well explained.

Is NCERT at your fingertips enough to crack neet?

Yes, If you have enough theoretical knowledge. It does not have enough theory because it is designed as a problem-solving book. It has a lot of MCQs and NCERT Exemplar too.

Is NCERT fingertips enough for inorganic chemistry neet?

You should go for the NCERT textbook first. Then for problem practice, you can go for NCERT Fingertips.

Is NCERT fingertips chemistry enough for JEE mains?

It depends upon how you solved it. You should have a good theory. Yes of course if you have solved it then you can do good in jee mains. It is a good book.

Are MTG fingertips sufficient for NEET?

Yes, It is sufficient For NEET.

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