Class 11 Chemistry MCQs for JEE 2023 | Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions for JEE

Joint Entrance Examination – Main, formerly All India Engineering Entrance Examination, is an Indian standardized computer-based test for admission to various technical undergraduate programs in engineering, architecture, and planning across colleges in India. With the competition rising every year, the level of difficulty has also gone up. Hence, the candidates today are left with not much choice but to work hard and give it all. It is the right approach that can help take the candidates clear the exam. All they need is to solve an ample number of Class 11 Chemistry MCQ questions.

MCQs for JEE Mains Chemistry

According to the Latest JEE syllabus, the academic experts at ClearJEENEET have come up with an assortment of Chemistry chapters based on the difficulty levels and weightage. 

Practice these MCQ Questions and score excellently in your JEE Mains and NEET Exams. These Class 11 Chemistry MCQs are designed by experts of ClearJEENEET.

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Right Approach required to solve Chemistry Questions

Chemistry is the subject of the application of the concept. To understand the Chemistry concept, one must try to solve as many questions as he can.

This page consists of chapter-wise Chemistry questions and each chapter consist of questions from 20 to 50 depending on the difficulty level of the chapter.

The right approach to solving Chemistry questions starts from the conceptual clarity of the chapter which can be achieved by good textbooks like NCERT or HC Verma. Read the theory from this textbook and make sure you have prepared notes and important bullet points mentioned in the textbook. Once you have ensured your concept is clear and you have confidence in the chapter. Try to solve the Chemistry questions.

Tips to solve Chemistry Questions

Before solving Chemistry, questions make sure you have a good foundation of the basics of Chemistry like units and dimensions and you know basic formulas use in questions.

The mechanic is key to understanding the concept of Chemistry. To have a good foundation in mechanics of class 11 Chemistry and NCERT are the most recommended books.

Solving Chemistry questions need lots of hard work on chapters given in the textbook. One must have a very clear idea about the concepts mentioned in the chapter. Making notes for the chapter is a good idea, so try to prepare handwritten notes of all important points and formulas. Derivation mentioned in NCERT is a must so read and practice the derivation of Chemistry properly. St


How to get good marks in Chemistry?

During the exam, try to write your descriptive answers in points and provide images as graphic illustrations where possible.
Scan the paper before answering.
Carefully practice the ray diagram and other important diagrams. By drawing and studying, you will understand many subjects faster and easier.

Where can I download in PDF MCQs Class 11 Chemistry?

You can download free MCQs for JEE Class 11 JEE Chemistry MCQs from

What is the best way to learn the Chemistry question answers?

Read the Chemistry lesson well; understand the concepts and practical theories and examples in the textbook. Watch videos carefully and then read the chapters and check out the topic and question answers. Take your handy notes for review.

How do you answer Chemistry questions?

Before moving to solve the Chemistry questions one must revise Chemistry Formulas completely.

Is 75 percent criteria removed for 2023?

Look for JEE 2023, classes have not been affected much so there is very less chance for removal of 75% criteria in JEE main 2023. Thus, it’s better to focus on preparation and try to score at least 75% in board exams.

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