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Master Resource Book in Mathematics for JEE Main 2022
Author: SK Goyal
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IIT-JEE Objective Mathematics By S K Goyal (Arihant Publications)

Download IIT-JEE Objective Mathematics By S K Goyal (Arihant Publications) – Key Features Every chapter consists of various types of questions, a single correct answer, more than one correct answer, matrix-match type, assertion & reason, etc. More than 6,000 objective questions in different formats for practice. Detailed solutions are provided at the end of every chapter for the help of students. IIT JEE questions are provided at the end of the book with their answer and detailed solutions to understand well about the Book.

Objective Mathematics by SK Goyal: Every year lacs of candidates apply for JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. These are two big engineering entrance exam in India to take admission in IIT, NIT and other government colleges.

Reviews of Objective Maths by SK Goyal

Writer has collected all the good questions from everywhere… Best book…

This is very good book for preparing jee mains

One of the best book for JEE mains

About the SK Goyal Objective Mathematics

  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 818822295X
  • ISBN-13: 978-8188222957
  • Size: 75 MB
  • Pages: 366
  • Edition: 2022-23

Content of Objective Maths PDF

  1. Complex Numbers
  2. Theory of Equations
  3. Sequences and Series
  4. Permutations and Combinations
  5. Binomial Theorem
  6. Determinants
  7. Matrices
  8. Logarithms and Their Properties
  9. Probability
  10. Functions
  11. Limits
  12. Continuity and Differentiability
  13. Differential Coefficient
  14. Application of Derivatives
  15. Monotonicity, Rolle’s and Mean Value Theorems
  16. Maxima and Minima
  17. Indefinite Integration
  18. Definite Integration
  19. Areas
  20. Differential Equations
  21. Straight Lines
  22. Pairs of Straight Lines
  23. Circle
  24. Parabola
  25. Ellipse
  26. Hyperbola
  27. Three Dimensional Geometry
  28. Trigonometrical Ratios and Identities
  29. Trigonometric Equations
  30. Inverse Circular
  31. Solution of Triangles And
  32. Vectors

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As we know that Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE conducts JEE exam every year. To crack JEE 2023, you have to clear all three section ie Physics, Chemistry and Maths. For Physics you can follow concepts of Physics by HC Verma. Here for JEE Main Maths, I will suggest you follow SK goyal IIT mathematics pdf. Here I am sharing Arihant new pattern IIT jee mathematics pdf free download.

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