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Problems in Physical Chemistry for NEET – 8/edition (2022-23)
Author: Narendra Awasthi
For NEET Exam
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[PDF] Narendra Awasthi Problems In Physical Chemistry For NEET UG Latest Edition Book FREE PDF Download

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Balaji’s N Avasthi for Physical Chemistry for NEET is now available on clearJEEneet.in for free download. Remember that physical chemistry is all about solving numerical as you usually do in physics. But for that, you need some quality questions for each formula and concept and which you will get in very few books.

Narendra Avasthi Physical Chemistry book is an outstanding book for NEET physical chemistry. It contains lots of questions in order from easy to hard. You will get chapter-wise questions on each topic. N Avasthi is fully based on your 11th & 12th NCERT. You will also get chapter-wise previous years’ exams questions in the practice section

Features of N Awasthi Physical Chemistry

Narendra Awasthi has numerous quality questions regarding the important topics of NEET. Each chapter starts with brief points then the exercise starts. Problems in the exercises have been categorized into levels of difficulty. On average each level has more than enough questions to be practiced for NEET UG. Answers with solutions and hints are given at the end of each chapter. A great book that wants to master physical chemistry for JEE and all other premium engineering entrance exams in India. Awesome book with concise theory and too many problems.

About N Awasthi Physical Chemistry

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  • Total Page:- 630

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FAQ on Narendra Awasthi Physical Chemistry

Does N Awasthi contain theory?

Yes, the Book contains theory as well as the example that comes into the exam or it also contains 10 years of paper for the revision point which can give you a better preparation idea for the NEET JEE exam, Narendra Awasthi sir had written it and it is a problem-solving book and not a theory book. Problems are of good level and good for jee preparation.

Is Narendra Awasthi’s physical chemistry good for NEET?

Is the Narendra Awasthi chemistry book good for the NEET? Narendra Awasthi is an excellent book from this point of view. So, it will be more than enough for neet.

Which is better OP Tandon or N Awasthi for NEET?

Narendra Awasthi is an excellent book from iit point of view. So, it will be more than enough for neet. Neet is relatively easy so you may even refer to other books like op tandon instead of Narendra Awasthi. 

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