[Latest] MTG 33 Years NEET Chapterwise Solved Paper Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Free Pdf Download

MTG 33 years NEET/AIPMT Chapter-wise solutions Biology is a Chapter wise Question Bank having questions from the past 33 years of NEET/AIPMT exam.

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This book is updated with the questions of NTA conducted NEET 2023 exam and Chapter wise questions of the last 33 years (1988-2022) of AIPMT/NEET with detailed answers for an easy and clear understanding of the NEET exam pattern.

MTG’s previous year’s question book contains topic-wise ordered questions. This makes students easy to get their desired topic previous year’s question (pyq)

Chapter-wise questions give a clear idea regarding Chapter weightage. Once completing the Chapter, attempting questions from previous years’ exams give a real indication of the efforts required. This book also contains a QR code that you can use for online preparation. Use this code to get the maximum benefits of this book at no extra cost. 

Reviews of 33 Years MTG for NEET

Best books for NEET aspirants

Overall good but some answer and explanation given wrong

Immaculate publishing.. Helped me a lot during my preparation and I totally recommend it. But that won’t be enough for you to crack, yk.

To pass the NEET 2024 Exam, you must create a schedule and stick to it. Along with solving NEET’s previous question papers, one can work on the following as well:

  • Examine the key topics from the NCERT book and prepare them well. 
  • Prepare notes for timely revision while studying. 
  • Take assistance from a NEET training center if needed.
  • Take mock tests as much as possible.

Table of Content of MTG 33 Years

Table of content:

 1. The living World 2. Biological classification 3. Plant kingdom 4. Animal kingdom 5. Morphology of Flowering Plants 6. Anatomy of Flowering Plants 7. Structural organisation in Animals 8. Cell-the Unit of life 9. Biomolecules 10. Cell Cycle and Cell Division 11. Transport in Plants 12. Mineral Nutrition 13. Photosynthesis in higher plants 14. Respiration in Plants 15. Plant Growth and development 16. Digestion and Absorption 17. Breathing and Exchange of Gases 18. Body fluids and circulation 19. Excretory products and Their elimination 20. Locomotion and movement 21. Neural control and Coordination 22. Chemical coordination and integration 23. Reproduction in Organisms 24. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants 25. Human Reproduction 26. Reproductive health 27. Principles of Inheritance and variation 28. Molecular basis of Inheritance 29. Evolution 30. Human Health and Diseases 31. Strategies for enhancement in Food Production 32. Microbes in Human Welfare 33. Biotechnology: principles and Processes 34. Biotechnology and Its applications 35. Organisms and populations 36. Ecosystem 37. Diversity and conservation 38. Environmental issues.

MTG 33 Years PDF for NEET 2024

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FAQs about MTG 33 Years of NEET

How to download MTG 33 Years NEET Combo?

You can download MTG NEET 33 Years from clearjeeneet.in.

Is MTG 33 Year for NEET is helpful?

It contains PYQ for the last 33 years, so it will definitely help you.

Which book is best for NEET arihant or MTG?

As far as neet UG is concerned I think that MTG 32years is the best book besides MTG NCERT on finger tips . As that book has all the key points before the chapter begins also it’s NCERT version is very good because it covers all the short notes which you can use to revise easily before exam.

Are MTG 33 years enough for NEET?

Mtg is a very nice book but i can say that apart from the NCERT and The study material from your coaching for chemistry mtg can be sufficient but for physics you can go for DC Pandey instead of it as it is a better option .

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