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When you start preparing for JEE Mains/NEET the one book which is most recommended by the professionals is “Concepts of Physics Vol 1 & 2” by Prof HC Verma. HC Verma is the most accurate and comprehensive textbook for your preparation for Physics Board exams as well as an engineering entrance exam.

[PDF] Concepts of Physics By H.C. Verma Book Free Download

Concept of Physics HC VERMA Book PDF is one of the best books for quick review. It is a very good book to study a day before your exam. It can also cover your viva questions and will help you to score very high.

HC Verma is a renowned name in the field of Physics because of its unique content, clear-cut explanations, real-life Physics problems, and vast conceptual interlinking. With such great advantages, HC Verma solutions are very popular study material among students who are aiming to appear for competitive exams or entrance exams. Besides, the solutions provide a clear understanding of all the important topics covered in the class 11 and 12 Physics syllabus.

Concept of Physics Part-1 & 2 (2022-2023 Session) 
Author: HC Verma
Language: English
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The book starts with an Introduction to Physics and goes on to elucidate the concept of Physics and Mathematics in the second chapter. In the third chapter the author talks about Rest and Motion: Kinematics. In the fourth chapter, he moves on to discuss the concept of Forces. Newton’s Laws of Motion is elaborated in the fifth chapter and the theory of Friction is expanded in the sixth chapter. The seventh and eighth chapters feature a discussion on Circular Motion and Work and Energy while the focus of the tenth chapter is on Rotational Mechanics.

Key Features of HC Verma

  • The solutions efficiently cater to the needs of students who are looking for an easy way to solve numerical problems.
  • The simplicity and consistency of language leave no scope for confusion.
  • HC Verma Solutions are strategically well arranged to ensure easy navigation between chapters.
  • It takes students into the world of Physics and enhances problem-solving capabilities.
  • The solutions are explained using real-life examples making it an easy way of learning.
  • The basics are effortlessly explained with crisp and short solutions also included to trigger certain thinking processes.

 Expert Review For HC Verma

For over twenty years, people have advised them as the ‘got’ books for Physics, whether you are preparing for IIT-JEE/Medical or just your Board exams. What follows below, is an honest review of this series. If u want to clear all your ideas then you can refer to it. You can refer to this book for jee main, jee advanced, neet, and other exams. it consists of two books volume one and volume two.

Book Details

Title Of The BookConcepts of Physics 1,2
Author’s NameH.C. Verma
PublishersH.C. Verma
File Size125 MB
File TypePDF

Download Concept of Physics By H C Verma

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Mr. H.C.Verma’s books rank high on my list of books for the IIT-JEE. They are relevant and straightforward. There are separate challenging questions given in the book which will really help you for JEE Advanced.


Prof. Harish Chandra Verma was born in 1952 in a village in Bihar. He is one of the finest experimental physicists in nuclear physics and had served as a professor at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur till he retired in 1994. He has authored many books but his finest collection of books included Concepts of Physics vol 1 and 2. As per his website, the professor is working on a new book for the undergraduate level for electrostatics, magnetostatics, and electrodynamics.

Concept Of Physics By H.C. Verma All Chapters Volume – 1

  • Concept 1: Introduction to Physics
  • Concept 2: Physics and Mathematics
  • Concept 3: Rest and Motion: Kinematics
  • Concept 4: The Forces
  • Concept 5: Newton’s Laws of Motion
  • Concept 6: Friction
  • Concept 7: Circular Motion
  • Concept 8: Work and Energy
  • Concept 9: Centre of Mass, Linear Momentum, Collision
  • Concept 10: Rotational Mechanics
  • Concept 11: Gravitation
  • Concept 12: Simple Harmonic Motion
  • Concept 13: Fluid Mechanics
  • Concept 14: Some Mechanical Properties of Matter
  • Concept 15: Wave Motion and Waves on a String
  • Concept 16: Sound Waves
  • Concept 17: Light Waves
  • Concept 18: Geometrical Optics
  • Concept 19: Optical Instruments
  • Concept 20: Dispersion and Spectra
  • Concept 21: Speed of Light
  • Concept 22: Photometry

Concept Of Physics By H.C. Verma All Chapters Volume – 2

  • Concept 23: Heat and Temperature
  • Concept 24: Kinetic Theory of gases
  • Concept 25: Calorimetry
  • Concept 26: Law of thermodynamics
  • Concept 27: Specific heat Capacities of gases
  • Concept 28: Heat Transfer
  • Concept 29: Electric field and potential
  • Concept 30: Gauss’s Law
  • Concept 31: Capacitors
  • Concept 32: Electric current in conductors
  • Concept 33: Thermal and Chemical Effects of current
  • Concept 34: Magnetic field
  • Concept 35: Magnetic field due to a current
  • Concept 36: Permanent Magnets
  • Concept 37: Magnetic properties of matter
  • Concept 38: Electromagnetic Induction
  • Concept 39: Alternating current
  • Concept 40: Electromagnetic Waves
  • Concept 41: Electric Current through gases
  • Concept 42: Photoelectric Effect and Wave-Particle Duality
  • Concept 43: Bohr’s Model and Physics of the Atom
  • Concept 44: X-rays
  • Concept 45: Semiconductors and Semiconductor Devices
  • Concept 46: The Nucleus
  • Concept 47: The Special Theory of Relativity

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